MEET “The Durrels”

For 2 consecutive years Corfu Palma Boutique Hotel is home to the cast and crew of ITV’s famous ‘’The Durrels’’, a series inspired by the globally loved autobiographical novel ‘’My Family and Other Animals’’, written by George Durrel who spent his childhood on the island. The cast and crew will come back to the hotel next spring to film the series next season.

The Governor – Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Corfu Palma Boutique Hotel​ is proud to present a new collaboration with one of the best, most famous and healthiest Olive Oil Producers in the world The Governor - Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A rare extra virgin olive oil with character, from Corfu island; produced drop by drop with painstaking care, this first batch of limited edition, early-harvest fresh olive juice is full of concentrated goodness. Three generations of Dafnis family members tend the aged ‘Lianolia’ variety olive trees in the family grove, none of which are under 100 years old. Hotel Manager Spyros Ioannidis, had the pleasure of visiting the producers Spyros and George Dafnis and be familiar with the new and renovated Oil distillery that stands as one of the best olive oil attractions linked to excellence in Corfu. Corfu Palma Boutique Hotel is now privileged to be using it in its A La Carte propositions and offers gourmet dishes of refined taste and top quality. Enjoy!

Corfu Palma Gastronomy contribution

Corfu Palma Boutique Hotel offers an important contribution to the culinary upgrading of Corfu.

Νέα Συνεργασία – Νέα Δυναμική

ΝΕΑ ΣΥΝΕΡΓΑΣΙΑ – ΝΕΑ ΔΥΝΑΜΙΚΗ Ο Αριστοτέλης Μέγκουλας Υπογράφει Το Νέο Του Μενού Στο Corfu Palma Boutique Hotel ​ Article #1 Article #2  Article #3 Article #4

Governor Oil Tours

Wanna see how one of the top natural products in the world is locally produced and coming to life just for you? Yes, we mean the magic potion, we commonly call olive oil and serve in our top gourmet dinner menu dishes. Well, there is a way. You can book a tour to the wonderful green world of Governor Olive Oil and see from scratch the birth of something truly beautiful and original. Visit the place where tradition meets quality, meets flavor, meets health. Book today a complete guided introduction to the world of olive oil! You will walk through the olive groves, visit a 15th century oil mill, and taste a special selection of extra virgin oils, flavoured olive oils, olives, vinegars, salts and more at the gourmet store. It is located in Agios Mathaios, less than an hour drive from Corfu Palma Hotel, but we assure you it’s worth every second of it. Here in Corfu, we are making the world proud of our magic in a bottle product, and want to share that joy with you. We invite you to witness this Greek celebration of culture, tradition and gastronomy, not only because it’s important, but because it tastes good. Trust us…

Goats on the Road Vlog Stories in Corfu

Judging from the article title you’d might jump in conclusions that Corfu Palma Boutique Hotel got attacked by crazy stray goats and someone caught them on a video that then went viral on YouTube. Cool, because we are animal lovers, but this is not the case. This time, at least. We had the pleasure and the honor of guesting world-famous Travel Bloggers Nick Wharton and Dariece Swift of Goats on the Road, celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary here in Corfu, and specifically in Corfu Palma Boutique Hotel. Among other things, they made a vlog showing off their wonderful stay here and all super-interesting activities that one can experience in Corfu Palma Boutique Hotel. Rest assured we are going to tell you all about it. To begin with, they stayed on the 4th floor in the beautiful Superior Design Suite, where they had a jaw-dropping experience from all the modernity and luxury coming right at them. One can handle so much superior design. This was all our Hotel Manager’s Mr. Spyros Ioannidis idea. Right after that, drinks at the hotel bar, dinner and live Greek music on the terrace were up next. But Spyros did not stop there. He went the extra mile and booked them an hour-long full body couple’s massage Spa treatment at Corfu Palma Boutique Hotel’s Aphrodite’s Spa. To top everything, he suggested they visit the nearby Etrusco restaurant and have a 10-course meal, complete with wine pairing from the famous, Michelin Starred chef Ettore Botrini, who everyone knows is his friend. Spiros and his team really rocked their hospitality standards for good this time. After that there was the Canal D’ Amour visit, where they say that if you swim through you’ll get married soon. They don’t know about that, but romance levels were increased whatsoever. Next stop, the Governor Olive Oil tour, where tasting took a whole new other meaning. Olive Oil tasting with delicious wine accompanying treats really did the trick this time. They got one bottle for free, but we are sure it won’t last for long. They closed off in the sweetest way by visiting Mr. Honey, the honey and beekeeping establishment of Mr. Panagiotis Vasilakis. Sweet as honey tour spot on! At the end of the day, the best 10 Year Anniversary celebration had taken place, with flying colors. We love making everyone happy, we are in the memory-making business after all and we are here to prove it. Read all about it: See all about it:

Christmas in Corfu

So, here’s the Season to be jolly! Christmas is almost here, and Corfu brings its own magic for the holidays to charm Santa Claus into visiting. Thousands of small lights and the festive spirit do their best to do so, yet it seems that Santa Claus does not need much convincing after all. Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations of Orthodoxy and their glorious celebration in Corfu is closely linked to Orthodox Tradition. But let’s take it all one step at a time! December 24th Little children go door to door to sing the carols with triangles and small drums for the Christmas beat. The songs originate from the Byzantine era, but it’s the oldies but goldies kind of thing. On Christmas Eve, families in Corfu are used to eating honey with walnuts, dried figs and christopsomo (the bread of Christ). Of course, in recent years it has been customary to decorate fir as you all do out there. December 25th The Christmas Day begins for all the Corfiots and the visitors of the island with the morning visit to the church. Then, there is ameal for the whole family with a grilled turkey stuffed with pine nuts, chestnuts and rice. Also available are traditional Christmas sweets, kourabiedes and melomakarona. We repeat, kourabiedes and melomakarakona, you might want to jot that down. January 1st Well you know the drill. Santa Claus drops down from the chimney to give presents only to the good boys and girls. Soooo you’d better watch out, you’d better not cry and blab bla bla. Also on that day is the purification and sanctification of the waters, which are sanctified in the churches, and the faithful take a little back home. January 6th Christmas celebrations end on the Day of Lights, also known as Epiphany. This great day for the Orthodox is the consecration of the waters made by the priests of all the churches that fly a cross into the sea and the youth of each parish fall into the waters to catch him. The lucky one who will catch the cross is reported to be blessed and lucky throughout the New Year. Well, this is just about wraps it up for our Christmas holidays in Corfu. Unfortunately, we are closed for Christmas here at Corfu Palma Boutique Hotel, however we strongly suggest that you make your New Year’s Resolution, you visiting us this summer. It will be the wisest decision of 2018 by far…