So, here’s the Season to be jolly! Christmas is almost here, and Corfu brings its own magic for the holidays to charm Santa Claus into visiting. Thousands of small lights and the festive spirit do their best to do so, yet it seems that Santa Claus does not need much convincing after all.

Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations of Orthodoxy and their glorious celebration in Corfu is closely linked to Orthodox Tradition.

But let’s take it all one step at a time!

December 24th

Little children go door to door to sing the carols with triangles and small drums for the Christmas beat. The songs originate from the Byzantine era, but it’s the oldies but goldies kind of thing. On Christmas Eve, families in Corfu are used to eating honey with walnuts, dried figs and christopsomo (the bread of Christ). Of course, in recent years it has been customary to decorate fir as you all do out there.

December 25th

The Christmas Day begins for all the Corfiots and the visitors of the island with the morning visit to the church. Then, there is ameal for the whole family with a grilled turkey stuffed with pine nuts, chestnuts and rice. Also available are traditional Christmas sweets, kourabiedes and melomakarona. We repeat, kourabiedes and melomakarakona, you might want to jot that down.

January 1st

Well you know the drill. Santa Claus drops down from the chimney to give presents only to the good boys and girls. Soooo you’d better watch out, you’d better not cry and blab bla bla. Also on that day is the
purification and sanctification of the waters, which are sanctified in the churches, and the faithful take a little back home.

January 6th

Christmas celebrations end on the Day of Lights, also known as Epiphany. This great day for the Orthodox is the consecration of the waters made by the priests of all the churches that fly a cross into the sea and the youth of each parish fall into the waters to catch him. The lucky one who will catch the cross is reported to be blessed and lucky throughout the New Year.

Well, this is just about wraps it up for our Christmas holidays in Corfu. Unfortunately, we are closed for Christmas here at Corfu Palma Boutique Hotel, however we strongly suggest that you make your New Year’s Resolution, you visiting us this summer. It will be the wisest decision of 2018 by far…