Wanna see how one of the top natural products in the world is locally produced and coming to life just for you? Yes, we mean the magic potion, we commonly call olive oil and serve in our top gourmet dinner menu dishes.

Well, there is a way. You can book a tour to the wonderful green world of Governor Olive Oil and see from scratch the birth of something truly beautiful and original. Visit the place where tradition meets quality, meets flavor, meets health.

Book today a complete guided introduction to the world of olive oil!

You will walk through the olive groves, visit a 15th century oil mill, and taste a special selection of extra virgin oils, flavoured olive oils, olives, vinegars, salts and more at the gourmet store.

It is located in Agios Mathaios, less than an hour drive from Corfu Palma Hotel, but we assure you it’s worth every second of it.

Here in Corfu, we are making the world proud of our magic in a bottle product, and want to share that joy with you. We invite you to witness this Greek celebration of culture, tradition and gastronomy, not only because it’s important, but because it tastes good. Trust us…